Welcome To Hockey Life.

For nearly 50 years, our hockey camps have built skilled players and great athletes with strong character. So, let us help you improve your skills, no matter what your age, by focusing on proper technique and new skills, in an environment that fosters teamwork.

Let our qualified and friendly instructors improve your hockey skills by focusing on proper technique. Individuals will learn new skills and drills in an environment that fosters sportsmanship, teamwork and most of all fun. Are you ready?


Skate Camps and Sessions

In the hockey skate camps and sessions we stress the following:

  • edge training
  • power pumping
  • body positioning/stance
  • acceleration & short stops
  • "Mohawk"
  • pivoting & bracket turns
  • backward mobility


And so much more!

Camps/Sessions: Ages 9 Or Older

For those ages 9 or older, we also include the following into our camps/sessions:

  • peripheral vision work
  • break out turns
  • chopovers
  • defensive maneuvers
  • hockey positioning
  • passing
  • shooting


And so much more!

Ready to Skate?

Breakaway from boredom and unleash you and your family's inner athlete by adding some excitement to your lives. Our camps/sessions offer action-packed hockey conditioning, skill development and off-ice games for individuals of all ages.